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Our program includes two majors, Textiles & Clothing (TXC) and Fiber and Polymer Science (FPS), at the undergraduate level and several options for graduate studies. Our students develop: 

  • an ability to make connections between the physical and social sciences, and

  • an ability to integrate technological and business issues with those of the consumer, ethical, environmental, societal, and global well-being.

Self-cleaning Cloth Could Prevent Illness

Watch this video highlighting the research completed by Dr. Ning Liu about a protective compound on textiles for health and safety. The video also features Professor Gang Sun and graduate student Jing Zhu from our department.

TXC Students Receive Fashion Group Foundation of SF Scholarship

Luis Legaspi and Miquette Elliott scholarship recipients

Luis Legaspi, a Textiles and Clothing senior, is one of the four Fashion Group Foundation of SF Scholarship recipients.  With him pictured here is Miquette Elliott, UC Davis Design major and Textiles and Clothing Minor, also an FGF scholarship recipient.

Making News...

 The Most Read Articles of 2014
An article published by Diane Barrett, Food Science and Technology, and Michael Delwiche, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, et. al., makes the Top 10 most read articles in E&EC Research.

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