Internships and Job Opportunities


TXC and FPS majors have many opportunities to do one or more internships during their time at UCD. Typically, the internships are done after the student has some of the TXC courses completed. Most companies expect students to have taken TXC 6 and a couple of other TXC/FPS courses. In addition, the student should plan to have either one to two days per week or a couple of mornings or afternoons free of courses. Local employers may be able to accommodate less flexible schedules, but bay area employers will need large blocks of time. Some internships are completed during the summer and can be done full time.

There are several ways to obtain an internship:

  1. Make an appointment with a Peer Adviser and check out our Textiles and Clothing Internship Blog.
  2. Look for formal, advertised internships on the web – Many employers offer internship opportunities via the internet. These are often paid and are sometimes part of a formalized management training program. Check the web sites of your favorite companies, stores, and programs.
  3. Consider doing an internship as part of a summer abroad. See the counselors at EAC (207 Third Street, Suite 120 , Davis, CA ) about the various programs that have internships for people in TXC and FPS. One program is FIE (Foundation for International Education).
  4. Apply for the UC Washington Program. The UC Washington Program is a great opportunity where you can intern at one of hundreds of organizations in our nation's capital. Some internship ideas including The Textile Museum, US Customs Service, National Association of Manufacturers, and the US Trade and Development Agency. To learn more about the program, please visit the UC Davis Washington Program website.

Job Opportunities