Completed M.S. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations

2006 - Current


Nowicki, Amy, M.S., Textiles, 2014 "Development and Field Evaluation of Summer Garments for California Agricultural Workers" with Prof. Gang Sun

Estoesta, Ely Emmanina, M.S., Textiles, 2014 "Wardrobing in A Digital Age: Further Exploration of Merchandise Borrowers' Traits and Behaviors" with Prof. Susan Kaiser


Liu, Xingchen, M.S., Textiles, 2013 "Hybrid Soy Protein Fibers by Electrospinning" with Prof. Gang Sun

Bahramian, Qazaleh, M.S., Textiles, 2013 "Reducing the Risk of Heat Related Illnesses to Agricultural Workers: An Analysis of Fabrics and Options for Improved Thermal Comfort" with Prof. Gang Sun

Lin, Chengwei, M.S., Textiles, 2013 "Development of Methodologies Using PhabrOmeter For Fabric Drape Evaluation" with Prof. Ning Pan


Chatelain, Elise M., Ph.D., Cultural Studies, 2012 "Refiguring Domestic Work: Representation, Femininities, and Meanings of Labor in Contemporary U.S. Popular Culture" with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Zhi, Jing, Ph.D., Ag & Env. Chem, 2012 "Fabrication and Surface Functionalization of Polymeric Nanofibrous Materials and Their Applications" with Prof. Gang Sun

Matheson, Linda, Ph.D., Cultural Studies, 2012 "Divinely Attired" with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Bennett, Margaret, M.S., Textiles, 2012 "Fix, Darn, Mend: An Interpretation of Clothing Repair in the Context of Sustainability", with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Wei Shen, M.S., Textiles, 2012 "Electrospinning and Crosslinking of Sodium Alginate with Poly (vinyl alcohol)" with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh

Turner, Nan, M.S. Textiles, 2012 "Deprivation Fashion: Creative Sustainability Inspired by Clothing Restrictions during WWII" with Prof. Susan Kaiser


Joanne Eliana Brasch, M.S., Textiles, 2011 "Medical Textiles that suit the user: Predicting Healthcare Worker's Preference for Disposable versus Reusable Surgical Gowns" with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Fuxing Chen, M.S., Textiles, 2011 Plan II with Prof. Ning Pan

Kelly Anne Sullivan, M.S., Textiles, 2011 "Gay Masculinity Through the Lens of Fashion Theory" with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Yuchen Zhao, M.S., Textiles, 2011 "More Than Fashion: Embroidered Insoles in Weihai, China" with Prof. Susan Kaiser


Xiaoyu Gu, M.S., Textiles, 2010 Plan II with Prof. Gang Sun

Shurui Wang, M.S., Textiles, 2010 “The physiology and transdermal diffusion of skin in nano context” with Prof. Ning Pan

Jill Zerkle, M.S., Textiles, 2010 Plan II with Prof. Susan Kaiser


Tenise L. Bell, M.S., Textiles, 2009 “A Case Study of Sustainable Business Strategies among Members of a Major Textile Organization Concerned with Environmental Issues” with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Denise Nicole Green, M.S., Textiles, 2009 “Somewhere in Between: Transformative Spaces, Shifting Masculinities, and Community Style” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Seyede Nastaran Hashemi Sadraei, M.S., Textiles, 2009 “A Study on Dye-Surfactant Interactions in Solutions and Antimicrobial Properties of Cationic Dyes” with Prof. Gang Sun 

Ping Lu, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2009 “Micro- and Nano-Fibrous Structures: Fabrication and Application” with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh


Farzaneh Alihosseini, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2008 “Bio synthesis of colorants from microorganisms and their application on textile materials” with Prof. Gang Sun

Mohammad Badrossamay, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2008 “Functionalization of olefin polymers and fibers through free-radical graft polymerization in reactive extrusion” with Prof. Gang Sun

Xuejun (Grace) Fang, M.S., Textiles, 2008 Plan II with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Junshu Liu, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2008 “Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of High Potency Antimicrobial Colorants” with Prof. Gang Sun

Ryan Looysen, M.S., Textiles, 2008 “Unmarked men: anxiously navigating hegemonic masculinities” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Linda F. Matheson, M.S., Textiles, 2008 “Imperial Material: Textile Fashions and Identities in Transitional China, 1573-1722” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Jennifer Norah Sorensen, M.S., Textiles, 2008 “Social Constructions of Social Responsibility: Understanding the interconnectedness of humanity, economy and the environment” with Prof. Susan Kaiser


Melissa Lynn Brunkhart, M.S., Textiles, 2007 “Secondhand clothing: consumer behavior and consumption in Uganda” with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Yin-San Chen, M.S., Textiles, 2007 Plan II with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Shih-Lei Du, M.S., Textiles, 2007 Plan II with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Xin Fei, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2007 “A study of chemically decontaminating polymers for pesticide protective clothing” with Prof. Gang Sun

Sabyasachi Gaan, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2007 “A study on flame retardancy and flame retardants of textile material” with Prof. Gang Sun

Joyce Ann Heckman, M.S., Textiles, 2007 “Conservative views of feminist appearance” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Jennifer Hughes, M.S., Textiles, 2007 “Modeling the market for green apparel products” with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Sara Kacvinsky, M.S., Textiles, 2007 “Quantitative analysis of the human tactile sensation towards fabric” with Prof. Ning Pan

Song Liu, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2007 “Functional modification of textile polymers via dry-state radical grafting polymerization” with Prof. Gang Sun

Julie Schwartz, M.S., Textiles, 2007 “Masculinity & Fashion: Change and Continuity” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Dong Wang, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2007 “Rapid, Controllable and Environmentally Benign Fabrication of Thermoplastic Nanofibers and Applications” with Prof. Gang Sun

Malcolm Xing, Ph.D., Biological and Agricultural Engineering, 2007 “Bio-transport and Interactions between Skin, Cells and Bio-fluid” with Prof. Ning Pan


Catherine L. Beitia, M.S., Forensic Science, 2006 Plan II with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh

Corine J. Cecile, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2006 “Ultrafine functional fibrous membranes of PSMA: advantages and comparison to PS” with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh

Katherine Anne Corless, M.S., Textiles, 2006 “Perceptions of San Francisco as a Fashion City” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Theresa A. Dankovich, M.S., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 2006 “Surface modification of cotton fabrics by plant oils for water repellency applications” with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh

Anne Marie Sandstrom, M.S., Textiles, 2006 “The study of biocidal aramid halamines for emergency responder uniforms” with Prof. Gang Sun