Completed M.S. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations (1970 - 1979)


Sandra Jean Tillin, M.S., Textiles, 1978 “An ESCA Study of Reactive Sites in Wool” with Prof. S. Haig Zeronian

Gail Tom, Ph.D., Individual Program, Consumer Behavior, 1978 “Consumer Decision Making Behavior in Obese and Normal-Weight Individuals: An Information Processing Perspective” with Prof. Howard Schutz


Joan Louise Michaux Chandler, M.S., Consumer Science, 1977 “Moisture Related Properties of Flame Retardant Cotton Fabrics” with Prof. S. Haig Zeronian


Mary Lynn Damhorst, M.S., Consumer Science, 1976 “Consumer Evaluations of Wear in Textile Fabrics” with Prof. Howard Schutz 

Kathleen A. Swanson, M.S., Consumer Science, 1976 “Exploratory Study of Consumer Problems of Members of the Senior Center in Davis, California” with Prof. Howard Schutz


Marcia Cecil, M.S., Consumer Science, 1975 “Consumer Attitudes Toward Polyunsaturated Foods from Ruminants” with Prof. Howard Schutz


Pamela Cheryl Baird, M.S., Consumer Science, 1974 “Food Attitude Patterns of ENEP Homemakers Related to Performance in Program” with Prof. Howard Schutz

Janice G. Hamrin, M.S., Consumer Science, 1974 “Adolescent Life Style and Buying Patterns” with Prof. Howard Schutz


Kathleen Ellen Cabradilla, M.S., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 1972 “Factors influencing the tensile properties of ramie” with Prof. S. Haig Zeronian

Doreen Marion Dowhaniuk, M.S., Home Economics, 1972 “The Effect of Polymer Location on Selected Properties of Wool” with Prof. Howard Needles


Marilyn Rust Godfrey, M.S., Home Economics, 1971 “The Acceptability of Lowfar 2-10 Milk by School Children” with Prof. Howard Schutz


Barbara Stonehocker, M.S., Home Economics, 1970 “The Effect of Light and Heat on Resin-Treated Cotton Fabrics” with Prof. S. Haig Zeronian