Completed M.S. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations (1990 - 1999)


Carrie Leigh Haise, M.S., Textiles, 1999 “The flight attendant uniform: organization objectives and individual needs” with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Tania Hammidi, M.S., Community Development, 1999 “Queer community sustainability: what do clothes have to do with it?” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Louise Ko Huang, M.S., Textiles, 1999 “The study of detoxifying pesticide protective clothing for agricultural workers” with Prof. Gang Sun

Chien-Hua Lin, M.S., Textiles, 1999 “Protease (chymotrypsin subtilisin) scouring of ra “ (incomplete title in Banner) with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh

Michelle Raphaela Nathan, M.S., Textiles, 1999 “Effects of violation of clothing norms on legal opinions” with Prof. Margaret Rucker


Elizabeth Ruth Anderson, M.S., Textiles, 1998 Plan II with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Teresa Janus, M.S., Textiles, 1998 “Negotiatons @ work: analysis of the casual businesswear trend” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Sandeep Khatua, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 1998 “Polymerization and characterization of linear polyurethanes-effects of synthesis process and precursor compositions” with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh

Sharon Page Ritchie, M.S., Textiles, 1998 “Conversations with Little Egypt's daughters: style and meaning in California belly dance” with Prof. Susan Kaiser


Heema Navnit Govindjee, M.S., Textiles, 1997 “South Asian-American women: clothing, identities, and communities” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Mary Michelle Hartzell, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 1997 “Enzymatic enhancement of cotton fabric wettability, and the analysis of the non-cellulosic components during cotton fiber development” with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh

Elizabeth Mukiibi, M.S., Textiles, 1997 “Ugandan women's textile choices: cultural influences and nationalistic implications” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Xiangjing Xu, M.S., Textiles, 1997 “Utilization of agricultural residues for removal of dyestuffs from textile waste water” with Prof. Gang Sun


Julie Ann Thompson, M.S., Textiles, 1996 “Characterization of dyed and non-dyed Acala variety cotton fibers” with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh


Hwei-chi Chen, M.S., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 1995 “Glycolysis and hydrolysis of undrawn poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET)” with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh

Maria K. Inglesby, M.S., Textiles, 1995 “The effects of swelling on the accessibility and surface area of cellulosic fibers” with Prof. S. Haig Zeronian


Charlotte E. Christensen, Ph.D., Individual Program: Textiles and Social Gerontology, 1994 “Clothing and the social framing of retirement” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Erwin Donald Danneels, M.S., Textiles, 1994 “Market segmentation: normative model versus business reality, an exploratory study of apparel retailing in Belgium and the U.S.” with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Joyce Lee Humphrey, M.S., Textiles, 1994 “Appearance and body image across the lifespan: self perceptions of older adults” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Susan Jihyun Kim, M.S., Textiles, 1994 “The beauty myth as cultural discourse: standpoints of Asian American women” with Prof. Susan Kaiser


Sarah Ann Holmes, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 1993 “Studies of High-Speed Spun Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fibers” with Prof. S. Haig Zeronian

Shannon Anne Reheuser, M.S., Textiles, 1993 “Social consciousness in apparel industry advertising” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Emily Wystan Salus, M.S., Community Development, 1993 “ ‘Allure’: ambivalence, tension, and contradiction in women's beauty texts” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Genevieve Cottraux Sun, M.S., Textiles, 1993 “Accelerated Aging of Cellulosic Textiles with Cycled Environmental Conditions” with Prof. S. Haig Zeronian


Anthony Joseph Freitas, M.S., Textiles, 1992 “Residential use of pesticides: attitudes and practices of the applicators and retention and transfer of the pesticides” with Prof. Margaret Rucker

Carol Lynnette Hall, M.S., Textiles, 1992 “Toward a gender-relational understanding of appearance style in African-American culture” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Kathleen Marie-Anne Huun, M.S., Textiles, 1992 “Styles and symbolism in infantwear: androgyny to gender identity, 1888 to 1962” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Lombuso Sinqobile Khoza, M.S., Textiles, 1992 “Gender symbolism of Swazi infant dress” with Prof. Susan Kaiser

Thorbjorg Elin Kristinsdottir, M.S., Textiles, 1992 “Softening of Icelandic/New Zealand Wool Blend” with Prof. Howard Needles

Myung-Ja Park, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 1992 “The Photo-Induced Graft Copolymerization of Merthyl Acrylate and Acrylic Acid Onto Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fibers” with Prof. Howard Needles

Pat A. Slaven, M.S., Textiles, 1992 “The Effects of a Flourescent Brightening Agent on Cotton Cellulos Degradation By Heat and Light Exposure” with Prof. S. Haig Zeronian


Helene Ho, M.S., Textiles, 1991 Plan II with Prof. 

Debra Ann Timm, Ph.D., Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 1991 “Elucidation of the Molecular Arrangement of Processed and Solvent Modified Poly(ethylene Terephthalate) (PET) Fibers” with Prof. You-Lo Hsieh

Qinghua Xie, M.S., Textiles, 1991 “The Relations Between the Mechanical Properties of Synthetic Fibers” with Prof. S. Haig Zeronian


Miho Hongo, M.S., Textiles, 1990 “Male Endorsers in Advertisements: Cultural Stereotypes and Appearance Messages” with Prof. Susan Kaiser