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The Textiles and Clothing (TXC) and Fiber and Polymer Science (FPS) majors are suspended through 2020-2021. Students interested in the minors should contact academic advising (bftvadvising@ucdavis.edu) to ensure course availability.

Majors and Minor

Undergraduate Programs

This information is intended to help you learn more about the Textiles & Clothing and Fiber & Polymer Science majors. The Division of Textiles and Clothing at UC Davis is unique in its commitment to the integration of physical and social science curricula.

B.S. in Textiles & Clothing

The Textiles & Clothing Major emphasizes the connections among a) the physical characteristics of textiles products, b) human perceptions of and behavior toward these products, and c) global economic trends affecting the textiles/ apparel marketplace. An integrative knowledge base links textile products with people and processes, to focus on the production, distribution, and consumer use of textiles and apparel.

The Textiles & Clothing major has two options: Textile Science, and Marketing/Economics. The Textile Science option provides students with a broad base of knowledge in both the social and physical sciences, including production, end-use applications, care of textiles and apparel, physical and chemical properties of textiles, and social-psychological and economic aspects of textiles and clothing. The Marketing/Economics option emphasizes social science and business coursework, while also providing students with an awareness of the physical nature of textile products.

B.S. in Fiber & Polymer Science

The Fiber & Polymer Science major is concerned with polymer science, especially as it pertains to the physical, chemical, and structural properties of fibers and fabrics, and to textile dyeing and finishing. Students in this major take a common core of coursework in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, coupled with social science-humanities courses, and depth subject matter in fiber and polymer science, statistics, and technical writing.

Minoring in Textiles & Clothing

The Division of Textiles and Clothing offers minors for non-majors interested in satisfying secondary career objectives. When you complete the minor courses, fill out the minor petition to be signed by an adviser and turn it in to the Dean's office.

Textiles & Clothing Minor

  • Four units of Textiles & Clothing 6, 7, or 8
  • Fourteen units of courses selected from Fiber & Polymer Science 100, 110,161, 161L, and Textiles & Clothing 107, 162-162L, 163-163L, 164, 165, 171, 173, 174
  • Total Units: 18

Minor Adviser: Prof. Susan B. Kaiser

Fiber & Polymer Science Minor

  • Four units of Textiles & Clothing 6 or Engineering 45
  • Fourteen units of courses selected from Fiber & Polymer Science 100, 150, 161, 161L, 180A and 180B; and Textiles & Clothing 163 and 163L
  • Total Units: 18

Minor Adviser: You-Lo Hsieh