Prospective Students

The Textiles and Clothing (TXC) and Fiber and Polymer Science (FPS) majors are suspended through 2020-2021. Students interested in the minors should contact academic advising ( to ensure course availability.

Incoming Freshmen

If you are considering in applying as Textiles & Clothing or Fiber & Polymer Science major, consult the Undergraduate Admissions website for information about admissions, application requirements and deadlines.

Transfer Students

If you are considering transferring into the Textiles & Clothing major from another college, there are no additional requirements beyond the University requirements. However, we highly suggest that you take some of the following courses prior to your UC Davis enrollment and speak to an adviser.

Suggested Courses

  • Cultural Anthropology or Art History (ANT2 or AHI 1A or 1B or 1C or 1D)
  • Introduction to Computers (PLS 21 or ECS 15)
  • Introductory Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (ECN 1A, 1B)
  • Public Speaking (CMN 1)
  • Expository Writing or Introduction to Literature (UWP1, ENL3)
  • Elementary Accounting (MGT 11A, 11B)
  • Calculus (MAT 16A, 16B)
  • General Psychology (PSY1)
  • Elementary Statistics (STA 13)
  • Introduction to Chemistry (CHE 10 or 2A)


Use ASSIST to determine which courses from your current California Community College are equivalent to UC Davis courses.