The Textiles and Clothing (TXC) and Fiber and Polymer Science (FPS) majors are suspended through 2020-2021. Students interested in the minors should contact academic advising ( to ensure course availability.


TXC 7 Style and Cultural Studies. 4 units. The multiple and overlapping influences of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and class on constructions of identity and community are explored through the study of style in popular culture and everyday life. Continuity and change in clothing and appearance styles are interpreted.

TXC 107 Social and Psychological Aspects of Clothing. 4 units. Social, cognitive and cultural factors influencing management and perception of personal appearance in everyday life. Concepts and methods appropriate to the study of meaning of clothes in social and cultural contexts.


TXC 8 Textile and Apparel Industries. 4 units. Study of the textile and apparel industries including fashion theory, production, distribution, and consumption of textile goods.

TXC 173 Principles of Fashion Marketing. 3 units. Study of basic elements of fashion marketing including philosophy and objectives, organization, merchandising, pricing, promotion and personnel.

TXC 174 Introduction to World Trade in Textiles and Clothing. 4 units. Structure of the global fiber/textile/apparel complex and its distribution patterns with an overview of political, economic, and technological factors that are changing these industries and their markets.

Production and Structure:

TXC 164 Principles of Apparel Production. 3 units. Overview of characteristics, technology, processes, and research in apparel manufacturing industries including study of government statistics, material utilization and fabrication, mechanization, management and production engineering.

TXC 171 Clothing Materials Science. 4 units. The properties, characterization, and performance evaluation of clothing materials and structures for specific functional applications. Principles and methods related to wetting and transport properties,fabric hand and aesthetic properties, clothing comfort, and material and assembly technology.

Fiber and Textile Science:

TXC 6 Introduction to Textiles. 4 units. Introduction to the structure and properties of textiles. Consumer use and fabric characteristics are emphasized.

TXC 162 Textile Fabrics. 3 units. Properties of fabrics as related to serviceability, comfort, and appearance.

TXC 162L Textile Fabrics Laboratory. 1 unit. Laboratory methods and procedures employed in studying properties of textile fabrics as related to serviceability, comfort, and appearance.

TXC 163 Textile Coloration and Finishing. 3 units. Basic principles of textile dyeing, printing, and finishing; color theory; structure, properties and application of dyes and finishes; factors affecting application and fastness; maintenance of dyed and finished textiles.

TXC 163L Textile Coloration and Finishing Laboratory. 1 unit. Demonstrates various aspects of dyeing, printing, and finishing of textile substrates including the effect of fiber and finish type, and physical and chemical variables on dyeing and finishing processes and on the properties of the resultant textile.

Polymer Science:

FPS 100 Principles of Polymer Materials Science. 3 units. The basic principles of polymer science are presented including: polymer structure and synthesis; polymerization mechanisms, polymer classes, properties, and reactions; polymer morphology, rheology, and characterization; polymer processing.

FPS 150 Polymer Syntheses and Reactions. 3 units. Organic and physical chemistry aspects of polymer syntheses and reactions including polymerization mechanisms, kinetics and thermodynamics for major types of organic high polymers.

FPS 161 Structure and Properties of Textiles. 3 units. The structure, properties and reactions of natural- and man-made fibers; the relations between molecular structure of fibers and their physical properties; interactions of fibers and detergents.

FPS 161L Textile Chemical Analysis Laboratory. 1 unit. Laboratory methods and procedures employed in qualitative and quantitative analysis of textile fibers and auxiliaries.