Program Planning

The Textiles and Clothing (TXC) and Fiber and Polymer Science (FPS) majors are suspended through 2020-2021. Students interested in the minors should contact academic advising ( to ensure course availability.

What classes should I take? How do I know if I will be able to graduate on time?

1. Using OASIS, develop a draft academic plan

2. Meet with an advisor to review your plan.

As a student, you can start developing your academic plan using OASIS, the Online Advising Student Information System. This system allows you to populate required and elective classes directly from your personal academic record into an organized plan. You can then meet with your advisor to review your plan and fine-tune any specific needs.

Some of the information accessible in OASIS includes:

Student Information: Your academic standing, units completed, student status, major

Important Dates: View holidays and other important academic dates

Academic Record, including:

  • Courses: Comprehensive list of classes taken (viewable by term or subject code)
  • Exams and Events: SAT, ACT, AP, and IB scores
  • Degree Worksheets: You can track their progress in major requirements and General Education

Forms and Petitions: You can submit and view draft academic plans to staff advisers electronically and archive past academic plans (if you submit a plan, please come in to the Advising Center for review and feedback)

GPA Charts and Tools, including:

  • GPA Summary: Your cumulative and quarterly GPA
  • GPA by Subject
  • Your "What If" GPA: To help you project end of term GPA, and filter your Major GPA
  • GPA Calculator: To project GPA for future coursework.

OASIS is explained during student orientations, as well as through group advising sessions the Advising Center offers. If you need help using OASIS, please meet with an Academic Peer Advisor or come to drop-in advising for assistance.